Why Was Madhya Pradesh’s First Sainik School Opened In Rewa

Sainik Schools groom students for the Indian Armed Forces.

In 1962, the Central Government took the initiative of opening a Sainik School in Madhya Pradesh.

Sainik School Rewa is one of the 33 Sainik schools of India that is purely residential. This English-medium school was established by the Government of India on July 20, 1962, at Yuvrraj Bhawan which belonged to Maharaja Martand Singh, Yuvraj of the former Princely state of Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. The school aims to prepare boys to join the Indian Armed Forces. Till now, the Central Board of Secondary Education-affiliated school has given about 950 officers and is also a member of the Indian Public Schools Conference (IPSC). It grooms boys for the National Defense Academy (NDA), Khadakwasla, Pune and the Indian Naval Academy (INA). Now, a second Sainik School will be opened in Malanpur, Bhind in Madhya Pradesh.

Currently, there is just one Sainik School in Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa. The campus there is spread over 260 acres. But, why was Rewa chosen as the first place in Madhya Pradesh to have a Sainik School? According to Historian Azad Khan, the Sainik School of Rewa was Yuvraj Bhawan till 1965. The Bhawan was built by Raja Gulab Singh for Maharaja Martand Singh of Rewa. At that time, the cost of construction was Rs 3.47 lakh. It has intricate carving details. In 1962, the Central Government took the initiative of opening a Sainik School in Madhya Pradesh. To build a school, they needed land. Hence, a survey team began to scour for places to build a school.

The then Maharaja of Gwalior wished for the Sainik School to be opened in Gwalior. When Maharaja Martand Singh of Rewa got to know about this, he gave Yuvraj Bhawan and the adjacent 275 acres of land for free to the government, so that the school could be built there.

It was because of Sainik School, Rewa gained a lot of attention across the country. In the Sainik School, along with military training, training in flying aeroplanes is also given.

Even today, every year at least 20 to 30 students from this school get selected for the National Defense Academy (NDA). From 2021, even girls have been enrolling in this school.






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