Surprise UK broadband speed boost confirmed – check your postcode now

Vodafone might be famed for its phone signal but the telecoms giant is also shaking up the UK broadband. In a bid to beat rivals such as BT and Sky, the firm has just announced a refresh to its Pro II plan which it now boasts is its fastest-ever broadband. In fact, Vodafone reckons some homes could see speeds break through the 2Gbps barrier – at that rapid rate, a full HD video would take a matter of seconds to download.

Vodafone also says that the speed boost now means it offers the fastest speeds in more locations across the UK than any other major provider including BT, EE and Sky.

Along with those rapid downloads, the Pro II system also allows over 150 devices to connect to the router at once plus it features a 4G broadband back-up which automatically kicks in if the fixed-line service goes down. That means homes should lose their internet connection.

Other extras include family controls which can be set to stop certain devices accessing the web during the day and night plus there’s improved security thrown in as well.

If you want to see what speeds your home can get you can check your connection here.

Of course, all of this high-performance technology doesn’t come cheap with Vodafone wanting £70 per month for its best broadband speeds.

Before you sign up, it’s also worth checking out whether you really need those speeds. Only very busy homes with lots of people accessing the web at the same time or wanting to download huge files will benefit from 2.2Gbps technology.

Vodafone says it will, however, ensure households with multiple people downloading, streaming and gaming at the same time have the ultimate experience. That’s because your broadband is a little like a motorway – the more traffic that runs along it the slower it gets. If you add more capacity, things keep running faster.

Vodafone isn’t the only firm to offer very fast downloads and it’s worth checking out which Internet Service Providers are in your street before committing. So-called Alternative Networks (Altnets) continue to pop up all over the UK with many offering rapid downloads are very cheap prices. Shop around to see what’s available in your area.

Speaking about the update, Rob Winterschladen, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK comments “As ‘The Nation’s Network’, we’re committed to delivering the best and most reliable home connectivity experience.

“We are challenging the market by offering unbeatable products and services at great value. Not only are we the UK’s biggest Full Fibre provider with a market-leading offering in Pro II inclusive of Secure Net Home, our best-ever security and family controls, we also now offer faster speeds to more homes than any other major provider. Combined this makes for a really exciting time to switch to Vodafone and get the ultimate, hassle-free broadband for busy families – all at a great price.”






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