Samsung could launch the ultimate Galaxy Watch upgrade today

We are only a day away from what looks like a huge Samsung Galaxy Unpacked launch event where rumours suggest we’ll see new foldable phones, smartwatches and earbuds, plus the alleged full unveiling of Samsung’s new Galaxy Ring wearable after it was teased earlier this year. Among all the leaks and rumours so far for tomorrow’s event has been the emergence of a new high-end smartwatch from the tech giant, seemingly to be called the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra.

That’s a not-so subtle nod to the Apple Watch Ultra, and when you see what the new smartwatch is rumoured to look like you might not be surprised it could share the same branding. The Galaxy Watch Ultra is said to cater to the more active customer, and may include longer battery life, a more rugged casing, and extra sensors for active athletes who want to scale peaks, run marathons or go scuba diving.

On top of that you can expect such a smartwatch to track your steps, heart rate, skin temperature and other key vitals. Samsung’s recent Galaxy Watches have been running a version of Google’s Wear OS software, so you can also download your favourite apps to your wrist or even music with apps such as Spotify.

If the Galaxy Watch Ultra does break course you will of course be able to buy one even if you’re not into mountaineering and the like, but Samsung is likely to market the watch in an aspirational way just as Apple does with its Apple Watch Ultra.

There have been leaked photos of the alleged Galaxy Watch Ultra including via French tech site Dealabs. It shows a smartwatch with a circular dial but a squared off casing not dissimilar to an Apple Watch. The timepiece also has a button with orange accents – just like the Apple Watch Ultra and newer Ultra 2. 

Leaks also suggest the Galaxy Watch Ultra could clock in at €699, though there’s no word on UK pricing. If accurate, this is notably cheaper than the Apple Watch Ultra, which costs €899 on the continent.

If that’s too rich for your blood, other leaks point to a regular Galaxy Watch 7 coming that will cost from €319, under half the price of the shiny new Ultra. Alleged images of the Watch 7 show a slightly tweaked design but one that largely looks similar to the past few generations of Galaxy Watch.

The choice between a regular Watch 7 and a premium tier Ultra model might be your lot for this generation, as there are far fewer, if any, whispers about a Galaxy Watch 7 Classic. Last year’s 6 Classic retained the fan-favourite rotating bezel around the screen that looks to be absent from the two leaked designs for this year’s line up. will be bringing you all the latest from Galaxy Unpacked on Wednesday, where all signs point to a slew of new Android gadgets.






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