Neglected Dog Chained Outside For 4 Years Spends First Christmas In His Forever Home

It is indeed a merry and furry Christmas for Duke! The dog is spending his first Christmas inside a warm, loving home after being neglected and chained outside by his owners for four years.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) shared Duke’s story on December 19 on their YouTube channel and Facebook page.

On Facebook, PETA called Duke’s rescue and adoption story as “nothing short of a Christmas miracle”.

According to the animal rights organization, Duke was one of the many neglected dogs that endured four long years of suffering being chained 24/7 by his owner in rural North Carolina.

PETA fieldworkers often visited Duke and the five other dogs that were chained with him. And the fieldworkers often found the dog “severely underweight and desperate for attention”.

PETA reveals that they have repeatedly pleaded with the dogs’ owners to surrender the dogs to them, but the owners refused every time.

It was not until PETA discovered one of the chained dog deceased at the property that they were able to rescue Duke and the remaining canines.

PETA said, “We pushed law enforcement to seize all the surviving dogs, and the owner was charged with multiple counts of cruelty to animals.”

PETA fought and ultimately won custody over all the surviving dogs. And not long after being rescued, Duke was adopted by one of the PETA fieldworkers who visited him and helped rescue him.

The animal rights organization wrote, “This is the first Christmas season he’s spent indoors with a loving family.”

In the YouTube video shared by PETA, Duke can be seen enjoying the Howl-iday festivities!

He is seen going on holiday light adventures, eating yummy and festive snacks, opening presents, playing with new toys, taking pictures with Santa, and most importantly, feeling loved and cared for by his new family inside their loving home.

“And after years of suffering at the end of a short chain in all weather extremes, he’s finally enjoying Christmas in a safe, warm home,” PETA senior vice president Daphna Nachminovitch said.

Nachminovitch urged dog owners and everyone to “give their dogs comfort and joy at Christmas and year-round by keeping them indoors where they belong and to always report neglect and abuse when they see it.”






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