Famous Pooch Steals The Show While Sitting Courtside At Lakers Game

An 80-pound Goldendoodle turns heads and steals the show during the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks game at the Crypto.com Arena on Monday, December 18.

The Goldendoodle is a social media sensation! More popularly known as @BrodieThatDood on social media, this superstar has almost 15 million followers across all his platforms.

Aside from being a full-time good boy, Brodie is a basketball fan. And that’s why he was seen sitting courtside with his hooman, Cliff Brush Jr., during the Lakers-Knicks game on Monday night.

In a phone interview with LA Times, Brush recounts how his pooch stole the show, “A recurring theme we heard all night — from the announcers, the refs, the season-ticket holders who’ve been there for 20-plus years — everyone was saying they’ve never seen this before their entire life.”

“So it definitely seemed like a first. Maybe there’s been little dogs that people just don’t even notice, but you can’t miss Brodie,” he continued.

Brush confidently tells LA Times how good of a boy Brodie is during the game.

“As long as he’s with me, he’s gonna be well behaved and in control. Yeah, I don’t worry about him ’cause he’s a good boy.”

Proving Brodie’s superstardom, Brush said when they arrived at the arena, they had to be escorted by security to their seats, next to celebrity couple Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, because so many fans recognized the pooch.

Brodie had a very eventful night, to say the least! Other than sitting with fellow celebrities courtside, Brodie also received a shout-out and a high-five during pregame warmups by Josh Hart, Knicks’ shooting guard.

Brodie is a good boy, there’s no doubt about it. But did you know that he’s an even better dancer?

He was even named Fan of the Game after winning a dance-off against hoomans from the crowd, proving his amazing dance skills.

“By the end of the night, he was pretty much the king of the Jumbotron and running the arena,” Brush tells LA Times.






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