Cormica Bradford Expands Testing Capabilities

Cormica Bradford, a division of Cormica known for its commitment to enhancing patient lives through comprehensive testing services, is has announced a significant expansion of its laboratory capabilities. This investment is a strategic step in supporting key client programmes, further cementing Cormica’s position as a leader in testing services for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The expansion includes the introduction of two Agilent 1260 Infinity II LCs, complementing our existing suite of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instruments, which includes the Thermo Ultimate 3000 UPLC and Waters Advance HPLC. This addition aligns with Cormica’s mission to offer unparalleled testing services that meet and exceed industry standards and client expectations.

In addition to enhancing our chromatography offerings, we have also upgraded our particle size distribution (PSD) analysis capabilities with the Microtrac S3500 Laser Diffraction PSD Instrument, equipped with both wet and dry dispersers. This instrument joins our comprehensive array of particle size analysers, including the MasterSizer and Sympatec instruments, offering our clients a broader choice and flexibility in PSD analysis.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Copley JVT100i Tapper Density Tester significantly advances our powder density testing capabilities. This state-of-the-art equipment ensures that Cormica Bradford remains at the forefront of pharmaceutical and medical device testing, offering the most reliable and efficient services in the industry.

Caroline German, Technical Director at Cormica, remarked on the investment: “By expanding our equipment range and updating our capabilities, we’re not just enhancing our capacity; we’re aligning more closely with our clients’ hardware and methodologies. This streamlines the method development, validation, and transfer process, allowing for more efficient and seamless service delivery. At Cormica, we’re dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and precision in all our testing services, and this investment is a testament to that commitment.”

These enhancements at Cormica Bradford are aligned with the company’s global strategy to offer cutting-edge testing services that adhere to the highest industry certifications, including GMP, GLP, and ISO17025. Cormica’s over 60 years heritage in laboratory expertise, combined with its commitment to customer service, quality, and safety, ensures that it remains a trusted partner for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide.






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