AI Update: White-Collar AI, NY Times Sues OpenAI, ‘Patchwork’ Regulations

Much like the legal industry, the world of business consulting has wrestled with how best to make use of AI technology, according to the New York Times. The Times’ report opens with a new, unique study that attempted to use a controlled experiment to measure how ChatGPT specifically affected white-collar workers and to examine those workers’ feelings about AI in the workplace.

The New York Times has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, alleging that the former’s ChatGPT large language model was trained on the work of Times journalists, the Associated Press reports. “These bots compete with the content they are trained on,” said Ian B. Crosby, partner and lead counsel at Susman Godfrey, the firm representing the Times.

The push to regulate AI continues across the globe, with legal questions regarding with what materials and under what IP agreements companies like OpenAI or the UK’s Stability AI can train their models remaining a key factor in how regulation is rolled out and how investors respond, according to Bloomberg Law.

In a new blog post, Thomson Reuters provides recommendations for how talent officers and other members of the C-Suite can integrate AI into the process of managing legal talent. Reuters’ advice includes an emphasis on ethics education and on how AI helps, rather than replaces, legal professionals.

For The Hollywood Reporter, Schuyler M. Moore, a partner at Los Angeles-based Greenberg Glusker, offers predictions for what is to come next for entertainment law in 2024. Moore suggests that AI will replace virtual reality projects like the Metaverse, adding that consumer preferences and shifting economic forces will continue to impact the entertainment law space.

Ethan Beberness is a Brooklyn-based writer covering legal tech, small law firms, and in-house counsel for Above the Law. His coverage of legal happenings and the legal services industry has appeared in Law360, Bushwick Daily, and elsewhere.

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