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One of the most frustrating things in life is losing your keys, wallet or phone before heading out the door — or, on those worst days, all three at once. Thankfully, we have solutions for the misplaced in the form of Bluetooth trackers. These nifty devices attach to your personal items and pair with a free smartphone app to help you locate your goods.

Although Apple’s AirTags are probably the most popular tracker, Tile is one of the first on the market, and right now, you can save big on its Mate Bluetooth trackers at 50% off ahead of Prime Day. That’s only $12.49 for a single Tile Mate, which is significant savings on what reviewers say is “a lifesaver” for finding those lost items and totaling over 15,900 5-star ratings.

The Tile Mate is simple: Attach it to an item with its keyring or tuck it into a pocket of something you want to track, like a wallet or purse. (One of our writers uses their location tracker to keep tabs on their pet.) Then, pair it with its phone app, and, if it’s within 250 feet of your phone, you can see the Mate’s last known location or ping the device for a noise you can follow. You can check your item’s last location if it’s beyond the 250-foot Bluetooth range, too, so you know where to being your search. You can also press a button on the Tile Mate to ping your phone, in case you can’t find that either.

With its smart features, you can link these devices with your smartphone and ask Siri or Google Assistant to locate your Tile Mates. Unlike AirTags, these can be used with Apple and Android devices.

“[I] put a tile on a master key ring and it’s saved so much time and stress compared to when the keys have been misplaced before,” says Paulina K. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has a tendency to not remember where they’ve put something important.”

These are a great, budget-friendly way to always know where your possessions are, and at a fraction of the cost of a set of AirTags. If you’re not convinced at their usefulness, check out more promising reviews of the Tile Mate location trackers below.

“Put a tile on a master key ring and it’s saved so much time and stress compared to when the keys have been misplaced before. The worst case scenario is you have to retrace all the places you’ve been before you lost them. App is easy to use but can get annoying about location permissions at times. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has a tendency to not remember where they’ve put something important.” — Paulina K.

“Having only one key for my CR-V and not wanting to pay hundreds for a second one I had to do something as I have misplaced mine 3 times in 3 years. Always in the morning getting ready to go to work. Figures! Last time I found it in my trash in the dumpster, had apparently fallen out of my pocket while I was emptying my house trash cans. That’s it I said, no more. So I read the reviews on this and decided for the money it’s worth a try. It’s a real lifesaver should I lose the key again. I’m being really careful these days however I’ll go put my key somewhere and then use the tile app and bingo, always takes me to it either by noise or location. If you’re as, don’t like the word careless, let’s say dingy as I am this is a must. I test it once a month and it never lets me down. You’ll appreciate the easy of finding you’re keys and skip the nightmare of searching everywhere.” — Diane Hale.

I absolutely love my tile products! I am always losing my keys. These little devices are a lifesaver for me! I took my car in to be worked on and they lost my key fob. Without the tile I wouldn’t have been able to locate them so fast! Saved me from needing a $400 key fob! Unfortunately I think it sat at a warehouse for a while. This new one I got came with a low battery.” — Kara.

I keep a tile sewn into each of my kids’ favorite stuffed animals. It truly saves me hours each week in searching the house for three stuffed animals for every bedtime. They are small and extremely convenient to setup, and the app on my phone is so easy to use.” — Nick.

I bought this for my sister. Her keys are always wandering away when she isn’t looking lol. She is also one of those ‘I don’t like tech stuff’ people. I walked her through setting up the Tile. Remember: she doesn’t like technology…we were testing it out within minutes. Easy set up for sure! What’s even better than my sis finding her keys? Finding her phone, and this nifty little tile did that too. Indeed, she was so pleased with her Tile that she purchased a two pack for some friends. I absolutely recommend this product. The fact that it’s also Alexa compatible is also a huge plus.” — Jami S. Faulkner.

“Finally a little gizmo to put on my car key ring to help me find them when I can’t remember where I put them. Easy to attach to your key ring, easy to download the app that plays the alarm, easy to push the button to trigger the alarm and easy to find your object as long as you are within hearing distance of what you put the tile on. Used it this morning. Glad I put one on my keyring because I know I’ll be using it. And the price at the time I bought it was reasonable.” — Yestergirl.






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