Surprise Galaxy S24 code makes new Android phone more affordable

The new deal will reduce the price of the S24 by £75 with the bigger S24+ lowered by £100 when typing in the word “SAVES24” at the checkout. That means the S24 then costs £724 and the S24+ leave you with £899 bill rather than the £999 launch cost.


Sadly, Samsung has confirmed that you can’t use the code in conjunction with other deals including trade-in. If you have a current device you’re happy to hand over you’ll get more money off than £100 with Samsung dishing out around £400 depending on what you already own.

However, if you don’t have any smartphones you want to get rid of this code is definitely worth considering.

So what’s included on the S24 and S24+ and should you invest?

These devices come packed with adaptive AMOLED screens that are now brighter than before. A faster processor is tucked under their aluminium bodies and both now feature bigger batteries which means longer life between charges.

Although the camera hardware remains the same as last year’s S23, the S24 and S24+ have been improved thanks to better on-device image processing.

Night photography is also significantly boosted so you should get decent snaps without using the flash.

A new design improves the overall feel, it’s covered in toughned Gorilla Glass and there’s a soft matt finish on the rear panel which stops annoying fingerprints ruining the looks.

The other big change on the S24 range is Galaxy A!. This clever upgrade helps improve your photos, translate calls in real time, improve your note taking and transcribe recordings made on the phone.






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