Stephen Colbert Taunts Don Jr. And Eric Over What Trump Hates

Stephen Colbert on Tuesday said one of the reported finalists for Donald Trump’s vice presidential candidate may already be out of the running for an unexpected reason.

Colbert said Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) has a beard, something no veep has had since Schuyler Colfax more than 150 years ago ― and Trump, according to reports, does not like facial hair.

“There’s some buzz in Trump’s orbit like, ‘Look, if J.D. Vance doesn’t get it, it’s because of the beard,’” reporter Mark Caputo said on CNN.

“Wow!” Colbert said. “Trump doesn’t like beards? I mean why on Earth would he hate…”

Just then the screen switched to an image of two of Trump’s sons, Eric and Don Jr., both of whom have beards.

“OK, yeah,” Colbert said. “Makes sense.”

See more in his Tuesday night “Late Show” monologue:






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