South Korea Considers Removing Income Tax On Crypto Earnings

Financial Investments Under Scrutiny for Potential Tax Overhaul

South Korea, a prominent player in the global cryptocurrency landscape, is mulling over a groundbreaking move that could see the elimination of income tax on gains from cryptocurrencies. In a recent policy briefing, Deputy Minister Jeong Jung-hoon of the Tax and Customs Office at the Ministry of Economy and Finance hinted at the possibility of excluding cryptocurrency gains from income tax, aligning with broader changes in the taxation of financial investments.

Prospects of Tax-Free Cryptocurrency Gains

Responding to queries about the potential removal of income tax on gains from various financial investments, including cryptocurrencies, Deputy Minister Jeong Jung-hoon emphasized the government’s contemplation of such a move.

This development comes in the context of President Yoon Suk-yeol’s administration’s plan to abolish income tax on financial investments like stocks and funds. The objective is to bolster citizens’ wealth accumulation and enhance financial planning.

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Tax Regime Changes and Cryptocurrency Landscape

Scheduled for implementation on January 1, 2025, the upcoming tax regime for cryptocurrencies entails a 22 per cent income tax on gains exceeding $1,865 (2.5 million South Korean won). This aligns with the broader framework targeting financial investment incomes.

Jeong mentioned that the government aims to amend income tax laws related to financial investments by the end of January or early February. However, the tight schedule, with National Assembly elections on April 10, poses challenges for thorough legislative discussions on the proposed changes.

Disclaimer: The content provided is not financial advice. Investors are advised to conduct independent research and consider the inherent risks and volatility associated with cryptocurrency investments.






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