Social Media Giant X Discontinues NFT Profile Service, Sparking Crypto Community Debate

  • X’s Bold Move: Explore the unexpected decision by X to discontinue its NFT profile picture service and the ensuing reactions.
  • Community Reactions: Highlight the varied responses within the crypto community, with both support and disappointment regarding the removal of the NFT feature.

In an unexpected move, the renowned social media platform X has decided to discontinue its NFT profile picture service, a feature that was rolled out just over a year ago in January 2022. This decision has ignited a spectrum of reactions within the crypto community, with Jesse Powell, the founder of Kraken, deeming it “a step back for the industry.”

X’s Pivot: NFT Profile Service Bid Adieu

Elon Musk‘s brainchild, the social media giant X, seems to have bid farewell to its NFT profile feature. Previously, this service allowed X subscribers to showcase an Ethereum-based NFT as their profile image on the platform. The journey of embracing NFTs and bitcoin (BTC) tipping commenced in September 2021 when X was still known as Twitter. The NFT profile extension, introduced in January 2022, underwent expansion by October of the same year, introducing “NFT Tweet Tiles.”

This unexpected move has stirred diverse reactions in the crypto community. While some have applauded X’s decision to remove the NFT feature, others have expressed disappointment.

Developer Jimmy Song, noting the disappearance of hexagonal NFT profile pictures on X, questioned the whereabouts of marketers and VCs who once hailed NFTs as revolutionary. The sentiment was echoed by Udi Wertheimer, Co-founder of Taproot Wizards, who humorously remarked on X removing support for “legacy Ethereum off-chain pointers.”

Industry Perspectives: Jesse Powell’s Take

Jesse Powell, the founder of Kraken, weighed in on the development, asserting that the discontinuation of NFT profile pictures on X is a setback for the industry. Powell emphasized that while NFT profile pictures may not have been widely adopted, their discontinuation represents a loss in utility.

He pointed out that despite being a minimum viable product (MVP), the feature did not receive the attention and development it deserved, lacking essential community-building, message signing, and ownership proof features.

Powell stated:

“NFT PFPs weren’t widely used but it was an MVP and never got the treatment it deserved: communities, message signing, and features built around proof of ownership.”

Shifting Paradigms: Blockchain in Social Media

X’s decision to pull the plug on NFT profile services prompts contemplation about the broader integration of blockchain technology in social media platforms. This move serves as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of the industry, where innovation is perpetual, but not every experiment achieves success.

As the market adapts to this shift, the future of digital collectables and their role in mainstream platforms remains an unfolding narrative, potentially paving the way for more refined and impactful applications of blockchain technology in the digital realm.






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