Sell your Samsung Galaxy S23 now or it could cost you later this month

Next week is the week Samsung fans have been waiting for. It’s all but certain that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will finally be unveiled at a flashy event in San Jose, California, on Wednesday 17 January. While its price has not yet been revealed, it will probably match or top the £1,249 Galaxy S23 Ultra, making the new model a very pricey phone indeed.

If you own the Galaxy S23 Ultra, or one of the other S23 models, this is your last chance to sell for the best possible price while it is still the most recent Galaxy S generation. As soon as the S24 is announced, it is likely the resale value of your phone will drop dramatically.

“With the Samsung Galaxy S24 expected to be launched next week, it’s important that you consider selling your old device as soon as possible,” musicMagpie Chief Marketing Officer, Liam Howley told

“We’ve seen from previous research that older devices typically lose their value quickly after a new device launches, so to get the most money for your current device it’s worth locking your trade in price immediately if you are looking to upgrade.”

Howley said musicMagpie can guarantee a quoted trade in price for 21 days, but be aware that other tech buying sites may not offer you this. 

In September 2023, just seven months after the S23 launch, the S23 Ultra had lost 43.6% of its resale value, according to Statista. That means even back then, the £1,249 phone would have sold for about £719 if listed as ‘like new’ on a reseller website.

Now we are in January 2024 and just one week away from the S24 series launch, you can expect to get less than that for your S23 Ultra – but if you act now then you’ll get a better price than if you wait till next week. You might be able to fund a sizable chunk of your S24 Ultra purchase.

The S24 Ultra is rumoured to, admittedly, look and feel a lot like the S23 Ultra, but there will be upgrades. It is said to be the only phone in the series to have the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip worldwide – UK buyers could find Samsung’s own Exynos chips in the regular S24 and S24 Plus models.

We’re also excited to see if Samsung has improved the cameras, though the S23 Ultra is one of the best in the business thanks to sharp results from the main rear camera and an astonishingly good 10x optical zoom lens that genuinely does change how you think about taking phone photos.

You may be wondering why you would want to sell what thinks is the best phone you can buy – and well wondered. You don’t have to sell up just because there’s a new shiny model out. Your phone is only a year old, after all, and sometimes selling your items can be more stress than it is worth.

If you do want to sell your S23, make sure you get a reasonable price for it. High street buyer and reseller CeX currently offers £507 for a mint condition 256GB S23 Ultra. We think you can get more than that for it if you sell privately or via eBay, but as we said, after the S24 comes out you may find the market just isn’t as generous as it will be this week while your phone is the latest and greatest.






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