Morning Docket: 04.01.24

* Legal department is one of the few things related to Boeing not suffering from a sudden drop in pressure. []

* Texas district court goes full Bartleby and tells federal judiciary it would prefer not to follow the rules. [Reuters]

* Trump could fire his legal team in a bid to further delay cases. Maybe having disposable lawyers can have its advantages. [Newsweek]

* FSU and Clemson take on ACC. But in court this time. [Bloomberg Law News]

* The Supreme Court isn’t buying this abortion pill case, but they seem to be laying bread crumbs for one they would. [Balls and Strikes]

* Republican AGs file suit to stop Joe Biden from forgiving federal student loans. There’s no standing, but why should that stop them? [ABA Journal]

* The children yearn for the mines. [Washington Post]

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