Missing German Shepherd Found Stuck Up A Tree

We’ve heard of cats getting stuck up trees, but have you ever heard of a big dog getting stuck in one?

That’s what happened to Luna, a 10-month-old German Shepherd, after she went missing on December 03 and got stuck on a pine tree 25 feet in the air at El Dorado County, California.

According to KCRA, Luna usually plays around with two other family dogs but hadn’t returned, and went missing on December 03 at around 8:30 AM.

The pooch’s owner, Brian Spies, tells KCRA, “We basically looked for her all day, driving around the mountain and calling for her. We were worried that she was injured.”

But it looked like Spies wasn’t “looking up”. Because the next day, at around 10:30 AM, Spies’ friends, Luka Bogdanovich and Jared Johnson, found the pooch up on a tree!

“I’m just driving down the road and look left. I’ll be darned. I see something in the tree, and I went, ‘Holy cow, that’s the dog,’” Bogdanovich recounts.

Spies had a theory that while Luna was out and about, she chased a squirrel up a tree “and then realized, ‘I made a ginormous mistake.’”

Spies rescued Luna from the tree along with his friends. He climbed a 24-foot extension ladder while his friends held it. They also had a sleeping bag with them, in case things go wrong.

Spies said they felt like firefighters and recounts the rescue saying, “I had to bear hug her and walk down the ladder with no hands.”

After the rescue, Luna was obviously tired but is now back to her normal self. Spies said, “It was an impressive climb and how high she made it up.”

Spies also said he has learned a very important lesson from this incident with Luna, “If she ever gets lost again, we’ll look up, because she can climb trees.”






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