Meeting Mental Health Challenges Head On In Biglaw Is Now Easier Thanks To This Lawyer

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I try to foster a help culture. We have ombudsman roles where people—partners, associates, paralegals, and administrators—are trained in mental health issues. They are the first line. When people have [mental health] issues, it’s not unusual for them to go on leave, which is usually a month or two. There are lots of resources here.

I’m trying to be a hopeful voice. It’s important for people to tell their stories. When I shared my story, I was met with a lot of compassion.

Joseph Milowic, director of well-being and counsel at Quinn Emanuel, in comments given to Vivia Chen on her Substack, The Ex-Careerist, on what he does at the hard-charging firm when it comes to mental health and wellness for all employees. In 2018, Milowic made a very public admission about his depression in the New York Law Journal, and he was met with grace from his colleagues, his clients, and even his firm’s founder, John Quinn, a lawyer whom Chen refers to as “the quintessential alpha male.” Milowic is also the founder of the important support organization, the Lawyers Depression Project. (Thanks again to Joe Milowic for his selflessness and his willingness to be the face of this important issue in the legal profession.)

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