IFS Himanshu Tyagi Explains How Students Can Master The Art Of Focusing

Himanshu Tyagi is currently posted as an IFS in Madhya Pradesh.

Students often complain that they are unable to stay focused during studies.

IFS Himanshu Tyagi is an active social media user. He frequently shares tips and advice to do better in study, career, and life in general. Taking to his official X account, Himanshu recently discussed the importance of focus, and most importantly how to achieve it. Let us take a look. Students often complain that they are unable to stay focused during studies. Being focused is of utmost importance, because that is the only way one would be able to grasp each topic better.

Himanshu Tyagi, a brilliant role model for students, successfully overcame his troubles with focus. On his X handle, he revealed that his mind wandered a lot, disrupting his focus. So, taking his time, he gradually mastered being focused. Himanshu tweeted, “Focus is important to live in the present,” stating that without proper focus, our mind wanders, and we end up becoming frustrated. He shared three ways one can practise and maintain focus. Let’s take a look at the tips he shared:

One task at a time

To have proper focus, you must give all your attention to it. Getting involved in one task at a time would help you maintain proper focus. He writes, “Your mind, your thoughts and your body should be completely invested in what you are doing.”

Don’t aim for perfection

While you are trying to aim for full focus, remove the thought that it will only get you perfection. Himanshu says that it is alright to let your mind wander sometimes, just observe, give some time, and it will come back. As our world is full of distractions, controlling our mind is the hardest of tasks.

Stop living with distractions

According to Himanshu Tyagi, the reason we struggle with focus is because we have become habitual of living with distractions. To deal with that, one should start observing how they end up getting distracted. He states that removing distractions is the key to achieve full focus.






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