Best tech of CES 2024: 10 new gadgets to watch out for this year

Best of CES 2024 (Image: GETTY)

The yearly CES technology show was back this week with some of the world’s biggest brands, including LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony descending on Las Vegas to reveal their ideas for the future. CES always offers a glimpse of what’s to come for the year ahead along with offering plenty of surprises. took the trip to Sin City to discover the top trends and check out the gadgets that could be coming to your home soon.

Here’s our top picks from CES 2024

Samsung Transparent Micro LED display

See-through screens were a hot topic of CES this year and it’s not hard to see why. Samsung’s clever new Micro LED technology allows sheets of glass to magically display content which means you will no longer have to have a giant black display in the corner of your living room.

A demo at the firm’s “First Look” showcase also revealed how the glass could be installed in places such as corporate boxes at football stadiums with interactive graphics and real-time data displayed over the on-field action.

This is just a concept for now but Samsung’s impressive demonstrations clearly show it might not be too long until it’s available in the real world. Watch this space.


Not to be outdone by Samsung, LG also showed off its magically transparent TVs as well. The SIGNATURE OLED T could go on sale later this year and offer a screen that looks a little like a window.

To help boost its aesthetics further, the screen is also totally wireless (apart from a power cable of course) which means Sky boxes can be tucked in a cupboard with content beamed to the big screen wirelessly.

Other features include 4K technology for a pin-sharp image along with Always-On-Display technology that allows users to show art and photos when not watching content.

The SIGNATURE OLED T was definitely one of the highlights of the show this year.

Panasonic Stormtrooper razor

Panasonic Stormtrooper razor (Image: PANASONIC)

Panasonic Star Wars Shaver

The force is definitley strong with this new grooming device from Panasonic. The Special Edition ARC3 Men’s Shaver gets a Stormtrooper-style makeover and it looks remarkably like Darth Vadar’s bodyguards.

Lift off the helmet and there’s a 3-blade cutting system made from surgical-grade stainless steel to cut down the stubble and bring back silky-smooth skin. It’s waterproof, gets a fast-charging battery and can shave for 45 minute before needing a refill.

Sadly, Panasonic is only launching in the US for now but that could change in the future.

Hyundai MOBIS

Here’s a very neat idea for getting you out of sticky situations. The Hyundai MOBIS ‘crab car’ concept features whacky wheels that allow the vehicle to spin 360 degrees. It can also drive diagonally and even sideways – that should help parking on the local high street a little less stressful.

Another feature of MOBIS is a huge display on the front grille which can send alerts to pedestrians crossing the road. There’s no word if Hyundai will ever release this highly manoeuvrable motor but it’s sure to get drivers in a spin.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus (Image: LENOVO)

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus

Now this really is a 2-in-1 PC. It’s called the ThinkBook Plus and it’s been created by Lenovo to offer a laptop and tablet experience in one. You may think you’ve seen that idea before but what makes this latest device different is that you get both Windows 11 and full access to Android as well.

With the screen attached, it will feel just like a normal PC. However, you can then detach the display and head off for the day thanks to the screen featuring its own battery, processor and Google’s popular operating system.

Samsung Music Frame Speaker

If you don’t want a speaker that looks like a speaker then check out this new idea from Samsung. It’s called the Music Frame and despite looking just a picture it hides a secret speaker inside that belts out sound at impressive levels.

There are even built-in woofers for better bass along plus intelligent audio processing for a more premium audio experience.

Another nice bonus is that you can link two frames to your TV and soundbar to get fully immersive surround sound. A simple clip system also lets you easily customise the look with your own photos or artwork.

BMW CES 2024

BMW showed off AR at CES 2024 (Image: BMW)

BMW Augmented Reality

BMW gave visitors to CES a glimpse of the future thanks to its new Augmented Reality concept. Thanks to a pair of special AR XREAL Air 2 glasses, the German car maker can beam live info right in front of your eyes. That means you get real-time data on speed changes, traffic conditions, charging stations and even directions from your sat nav.

Passengers can also have a go with games and entertainment displayed to help pass the time on long trips along the motorway.

It’s a smart idea that could genuinely help make travelling safer.

Supernal’s eVTOL S-A2 flying car

Supernal’s eVTOL S-A2 flying car (Image: SUPERNAL)

Supernal’s eVTOL S-A2 Flying Car

This idea from Hyundai’s Supernal brand will help you avoid traffic on a busy Friday night. It’s called the S-A2 and can whisk a pilot and four passengers from A to B at speeds in excess of 120mph. Despite its power, some clever design makes it quieter than a dishwasher and Supernal says its efficiency could make travelling by air a lot more affordable.

It’s hoped to be taking to the skies by 2028.

Samsung Ballie

Samsung Ballie (Image: SAMSUNG )

Samsung Ballie

Ballie is like a little pet with this miniature robot on wheels making life a little easier. Samsung says it will be powered by the latest AI enhancements which means it gets to know your routines, can keep an eye on your home when you’re out and even help you answer video calls. That’s thanks to a mini projector inside which can also play video content and show useful data such as the day’s weather.

There’s no word on a release just yet but it could be coming to homes very soon.




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