Benchling Builds Digital Data Foundation For Sanofi

Benchling, the R&D Cloud powering the biotech industry, have announced that global pharmaceutical company Sanofi is using Benchling across more than 1,500 scientists from 30 teams. 

Benchling is working with Sanofi to transition from legacy R&D systems to a digital platform through Benchling R&D Cloud; this is an integral process to enable Sanofi’s AI-powered R&D ambition. As a result of Sanofi’s digital and AI leadership, R&D teams are able to scale and accelerate groundbreaking research processes in just hours instead of weeks.   

“Sanofi is paving the way for a new era of biotechnology, where every stage of R&D is faster, smarter, and more automated,” said Sajith Wickramasekara, CEO and co-founder Benchling. “Sanofi’s adoption of Benchling unlocks their ability to harness AI. With our R&D Cloud, Sanofi scientists can do their best work and accelerate timelines for life-changing medicines.”

Benchling R&D Cloud is used by teams across Sanofi, including early discovery-omics such as precision oncology, core therapeutic pipeline teams including novel modalities like mRNA, all the way up the lifecycle to translational teams. Through Benchling’s R&D Cloud, complex data from various departments at Sanofi is aggregated, enabling better decision-making, analytics, and collaboration. This real-time visibility into standardised data across teams gives Sanofi high-quality inputs to gain new insight faster.






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