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Content marketing companies are notorious for overpromising and under delivering, so at Digital Commerce Partners, we go the opposite direction. We temper (then exceed) expectations.

Since we’re Copyblogger’s SEO and content marketing agency, we know great things take time — which means it’s important to attract clients who think long term.

That said … last month, Digital Commerce Partners’ content marketing services positioned our handful of clients to make $450k+ in course sales, drive 800k site visits, and get 45,426 email subscribers.

Content marketing is not simply writing another article and publishing it to your blog. It goes deeper than that. Much deeper, especially when you have a proven process for developing a custom content marketing strategy for each client (more on that in a bit).

Right about now you’re probably determining whether or not we offer the best content marketing services for your particular product or service. See how that works?

When done right, content marketing can transform your business by bringing qualified buyers to your website. That flow of traffic enables you to focus on the work that matters the most to you.

Let’s take a look at how we can do this for your business.

Want us to
scale your traffic?

For the first time, The Copyblogger methodology is now available to a select few clients. We know it works. We’ve been doing it since 2006.

Content Marketing Services at a Glance

SEO and content marketing are a powerful combination that can drive your business with targeted organic traffic.

Organic traffic fundamentally differs from other kinds of traffic for one critical reason — these people are actively looking to solve their problems. They’re actively searching for information related to your business — that’s how they discovered you in the first place.

Active searchers are always better than passive viewers.

And we know this method works. We’ve been using it since 2006.

As a done-for-you service provider, we handle all of it for you. From strategy to publishing, we’re your content marketing partners.

Here are the elements of our content marketing services that help your business win.

A Well-Documented Content Strategy

To narrow down your goals, we typically focus on these three categories:

  • Business objectives that specify revenue increases and general growth. You want to set goals that align with your overall business strategy.
  • Marketing objectives that increase brand awareness and lead generation. You can use key performance indicators (KPIs) like click-through-rate (CTR) and conversion rates to measure success.
  • SEO objectives that note search engine rankings and organic traffic. You can focus on long-tail keywords and quality backlinks.

It’s not good enough to have a vague idea or put off this step until later in the process. The goals you set now will frame and guide your entire content marketing strategy.

To ensure that your content plan is effective, it’s important to clearly organize and document it.

Advanced Competitor Gap Analysis (Insights That Boost Your Content Marketing Services)

To perform this analysis, we pull all the top keyword rankings for our client’s topic organic search competitors. In most cases, we analyze the rankings of five competitors. 

Then we look for “keyword gaps.” These are topics/keywords that two or more of your competitors rank for our client doesn’t. Doing so enables us to piggyback off their SEO and content work.

For example, the more competitors we see ranking for a topic we haven’t covered, the more likely it is to be a valuable topic for their business. And as such, a topic we should be looking at. 

This step helps us both determine the useful keywords our client already ranks for and discover new, relevant keywords that we think they should rank for.

Customized Content Conversion Funnel

At its most basic, a content conversion funnel is an intentional, multi-step path. Put simply, it turns a website visitor into a paying customer.

Here are the three stages that are most relevant for our content marketing services:

  • Problem-Aware: Your prospect knows they have a problem, but doesn’t know there’s a solution.
  • Solution-Aware: Your prospect knows the result they want, but isn’t sure your product provides it.
  • Comparing & Converting: Your prospect knows what you sell, but isn’t sure it’s the right solution.

Once we understand the client’s funnel, we can create content for each stage of awareness and move our prospect through the buyer journey.

Functional Page Mapping and Content Audit

Next, we look at your existing content — everything from blog posts to product pages.

This process aims to determine a specific next step or “action” for each page on your website: keep, tweak, or delete.

Content audits can be as comprehensive as you’d like, but we keep this fairly simple to stay focused on uncovering the holes in your conversion funnel.

Most websites at this stage will notice that the bulk of their content is “problem-aware.”

Effective Keyword Research

We don’t think of keywords and search volumes as just numbers; they’re real people looking for solutions to their problems.

We always start with a list of high-value keywords compiled during the information gathering, competitor research, and goal-setting stages of our content marketing strategy process.

This list of keywords forms the backbone of the content marketing services we plan to create for your customized plan.

Ongoing Content Production

Our content marketing services rely on a repeatable process that:

  • Documents the content we plan to produce
  • Selects the keywords we intend to use
  • Creates an editorial calendar that keeps track of our publishing schedule

Article briefs provide our hand-picked writers with detailed outlines of how the content should look and which keywords it should include.

Each writer’s assignment is to produce the best content possible, and content needs to match the search intent of the user. 

Search engines don’t just favor content with the right keywords and on-page optimization. They favor content that provides relevant answers and solutions to the users’ queries.

Our writers always put themselves in the shoes of the reader and craft content that answers search queries in the most accurate and comprehensive way possible. Plus, we establish editorial guidelines to keep your content tone and brand voice consistent.

Business Performance Reports

Reports help us actively track the performance of our content marketing services to ensure that our work achieves its desired goals and generates results.

This process consists of two distinct but intersecting processes:

  1. Auditing existing content and updating it as necessary
  2. Analyzing and forecasting performance analytics   

With advanced analytics tools like Google Search Console and Semrush, we track the performance of the content and make adjustments as needed.  

We also track internal and external publications to determine the most efficient and effective distribution channels, and optimize accordingly.

Email Marketing That Separates You From the Competition

Modern email marketing is permission-based, meaning most marketing messages you see in your inbox are a result of you asking to receive them.

Whether it’s a newsletter, a product pitch, or a reminder to complete a purchase in a shopping cart, the recipient is interested. Your message might even be welcomed or appreciated. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have signed up to stay in touch.

content marketing services agency testimonial

The focus of email marketing should be providing added value and giving away useful content. Think resources, rather than constant sales offers.

How Much Do Our Content Marketing Services Cost?  

The investment in your SEO and content marketing services ultimately comes down to your priorities and resources.

Some clients want an agency to completely control their content marketing strategy and run their websites. In contrast, others are hands-on with their content marketing and just want help with content creation and basic SEO. Many prefer something in between.

Below, you’ll find categories and prices for content marketing services from Digital Commerce Partners. These are for monthly retainers and start with six-month minimum engagements:

  • Fundamentals: $5,000 – $8,000 USD per month
  • Scalable Growth: $8,000 – $12,000 USD per month
  • Virtual Content Marketing Department: $12,000+ USD per month

In addition to your priorities and resources, your project’s price is based on the scope of your website. 

For example, the price for a 10-year-old website with 35,000 pages would be higher than the price for a two-year-old website with less than 200 pages.

Scale Your Organic Traffic with SEO + Content Marketing   

Smart, consistent SEO and content marketing services will attract visitors to your website … and help you convert more of those visitors into loyal customers who buy from you again and again.

We work with clients who:

  • Want an end-to-end SEO partner: From content creation to technical SEO, we cover it.
  • Can invest in the long-term: We work with fewer clients and then go all-in for them.
  • Believe in better communication: To implement effectively, we need to talk. 

Ready to create search-friendly content that brings in a steady stream of targeted organic traffic?

Take the next step to see if we’re a good fit.






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