Abandoned Dog Found On Highway With A Heartbreaking Sign Gets Rescued

A dog abandoned in a kennel with a note “Free Dog, Free Kennel” next to a busy highway in North Carolina, has been rescued by a foster.

On December 05, a person came across the abandoned black and white dog and posted about it on Facebook.

The person wrote, “I drove by and noticed there is a dog sitting on the side of the road with a paper that says ‘free dog free kennel’.”

PEOPLE reports that 10 minutes after the post went up, Madison Nygard, a volunteer foster with Pawfect Match Rescue, was made aware of the pup’s situation.

Nygard tells PEOPLE, “I was on my way. I had seen it a couple of minutes after it had posted it. I got to Nova before the post hit the hour mark.”

In a Facebook post not long after finding out about the pooch’s situation, Nygard wrote, “UPDATE: I HAVE HER. & yes, animal control gave me green light.”

She reveals that when she arrived at the scene, the pooch was still inside her kennel, with the sign attached.

Fortunately, Nygard was able to foster the dog, who they now named Nova, through Pawfect Match Rescue.

“I knew that at least if I brought her into the house, she would have food in her belly, and I could physically monitor,” Nygard says.

When Nygard brought Nova home, she noticed that the pooch had an instant affinity for cuddling up on the couch, which led her to believe that the dog was previously living in a home before being completely abandoned.

Nygard explains, “All of the 11 other dogs we brought into this house, we had to teach them how to jump up on the couch. They didn’t just go for it themselves.”

Nygard shares that his son was very sad upon meeting Nova. She said, “He was like, ‘Oh no, she lost her family. What are we going to do, Mommy?’ I was like, ‘She’s going to be fine. We’re going to take care of her. We’re going to love on her.’”

After taking Nova to the vet, they found that she is a two-year-old dog that recently had puppies.

After fostering Nova for almost a month, Monica Harvarth, the adult dog coordinator and backup operations manager at Pawfect Match Rescue, shared that Nova will soon start 2024 with a forever home.

Harvarth shares, “She does have a very interested, wonderful potential adopter, a former judge in the area.”

As of this article’s time of writing, Nova’s adoption page states that Nova is no longer available for adoption.

And while Nova got her happily ever after, Harvarth says that there will likely be more cases like Nova’s in the future.

Harvarth reveals “We see this every day. If it’s not a dog in a cage, it’s puppies in a bucket while it’s raining, and you’re just hoping they don’t drown. It’s dogs thrown in boxes.”

She says that because of these incidents, rescue workers are conditioned to pull over on the side of the road to see if a bag, a box, or a container has a dog inside it.

“Nova is a great example of an awful case. I want people to know this isn’t a one-off but an everyday thing. If that upsets you, there are ways where you can help us across North Carolina,” Harvarth says.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect companion, you can choose to adopt one of these pups at Pawfect Match Rescue waiting for a forever home!






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