2 Dalmatians Protect Their Dog Walker By Fighting Off A Pack Of Coyotes In Boston

Two Dalmatians proved that dogs are really man’s best friend after fighting off four coyotes to protect their dog walker in Boston.

On December 27, Wednesday, dog walker Josstin Lantadilla was out for a nighttime walk with two Dalmatians, named Deanna and Tasha.

According to CBS News, Lantadilla was alerted by Deanna when she started barking. As it turns out, a pack of four coyotes were quietly lurking behind them.

Lantadilla tells WBZ-TV, “Deanna got very upset and she jumped backwards and I said ‘What’s wrong with her?’ When I watched in my back, there were four coyotes.”

The dog walker added that Deanna “knew right away” that there were coyotes lurking. “I never realized there were four coyotes behind me,” he said.

“One was in the front showing his mouth,” Lantadilla added.

The coyotes were bold and lunged at the Dalmatians. Recalling the incident, Lantadilla said, “Deanna grabbed him from the side of the neck and shaked his neck one time and I tried to kick him, I kicked him.”

The Dalmatians owner, Jane Friedlander, told WBZ that Deanna biting the neck of one of the coyotes is what “convinced the pack to run away”.

Friedlander further reveals that she’s not surprised about the incident as this is not the first time her dogs have been the target of coyotes.

Fortunately, Lantadilla and the pooches were not hurt during the incident. And Friedlander credits her dogs’ breed for what happened.

She said, “They’re meant to drive away coyotes, wolves, foxes, rabbits, anything that would bother a stable of horses.”

After the incident, both the Dalmatians’ owner and dog walker hopes that the state will help protect residents and their pets against these attacks.

“The increased aggressiveness with the coyotes that the city and state government will do something, perhaps by trap, neuter, release. Perhaps by relocating,” Friedlander said.

She added, “I don’t know what the solution will be other than letting people get bit.” 






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